Tuesday, May 3, 2016


What an encouraging read for the Body of Christ. Ever reminding us that we a chosen people, a royal priesthood.  I highly recommend reading this post!



Is God calling you to a higher plateau?  Has God spoken to you and given you clear direction in which to take?  This read will give you a clear picture in which God desires to lead you. Check it out!


Tuesday, April 26, 2016


How to protect you Faith. Yes! Beckie Lindsey give us an excellent outline of how we who walk in Faith can protect that which has been graciously given to us by God Almighty.  A must read!


Monday, April 25, 2016

Interview with Mrs. Karen Friday

Karen (Girl) Friday, I want to take a moment to thank you for your acceptance of this interview.  

So very excited to have this time to get to know you a little better, including your "Write Life."   You have been such an inspiration to the Christian Poets and Writer Facebook Group.  Ever since the first post I had the pleasure to prose of yours, I knew you had a unique gifting to bring exhortation to the Body of Christ.  

Let me start out by asking you....

1. What writing project are you working on now?

A devotional book, I’m Being Followed. A personal story of being watched and followed inspired this theme of Gods intentional pursuit, sending Goodness and Mercy to follow believers all the days of our lives.

2. Tell us about your published work.

        First published article, Wheres the Gravy, WHOA Women Magazine, October, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 4. Print. (Here’s a link to read the article on my blog, http://www.karengirlfriday.com/?s=+Gravy)
        Original devotions published with Christian Devotions online, 2014-2016.
        Monthly writer for Inspire a Fire National blog.
        Other guests post with various national blogs and websites.
        Regular contributor with, For God's Glory Alone Ministries, http://www.fggam.org 

3. Who or what inspires your writing?

As long as I can remember, Ive been a lover of words. And I love God’s Word. My tagline—Expressing scriptural truths as life happens. Real. Authentic. Soulful.

4. Who or what encouraged you to write?

As a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader, I shared my devotions and Bible Studies with others who confirmed the calling. Many encouraged me to consider putting my thoughts and insight “out there” in the writing world.

5. What experiences or education helped to prepare you?

I earned a communications degree and have always had a love for speaking. Starting with oratorical contests in the fourth grade (yes, way back). Communicating Gods truth is a pleasure for me. Since I penned my own talks, Bible Studies, and devotions, I felt a calling to share them with others in the publishing industry. My passion for mentoring other disciples and writing from my raw emotions and real life experiences is the place I thrive.

6. Do you see your writing as a gift or calling?

 I see it as both. Relish in this Scripture, “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” (Romans 11:29, ESV.) One of the meanings for irrevocable—cannot be changed or reversed. As followers of Christ, Gods calling on our lives and the gifts He places within us are irreversible. We cannot undo them.

The Message Translation of Romans 11:29 states, “Gods gifts and Gods call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded.” God is in the full warranty business. Eternal life is under full warranty. Heaven is a full warranty contract. Being "in" Christ comes under full warranty. His gifts and callings in our lives—under full warranty. Whatever God has called us to cannot be undone. This includes writing. It’s my hope these thoughts from Romans 11 will encourage other writers on their journey.

7. What do you hope to accomplish in your writing?

        Connecting real life experiences to the timeless truths of Scripture.
        Making God known and giving believers an avenue to know Him more.
        To bring people to the cross of Calvary.
        To be a messenger that God is real and He releases people from captivity.
        To disperse the message that I publish peace and salvation and that readers would hear my voice, “my God reigns.” (See Isaiah 52:7.)
        To share my story of God’s powerful love and grace, proving His existence.

Thank you Karen for sharing in this interview.  It is apparent that the Call on your life has been taken very seriously and you have gracefully made your call an election sure.  Reaching the masses to bring encouragement, edification and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all that opened their hearts to receive.  I articles and reads have definitely been inspiration to my life and I thank you for your obedience to follow through.  God bless you in all your ways. 

Here’s how you can connect with Karen or follow her encouraging and inspirational reads:

Website/Blog: www.KarenGirlFriday.com

Social Sites:
Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/KCFriday/

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blessed are those who crave righteousness

God desires for us to commune with him daily.  In doing so, we can continually be connected with the Father, thus experiencing His Grace, Mercy and Righteousness.  This read gives wonderful encouragement to those who desire God's Absolute Righteousness.  Thanks Mary Harwell Sayler for sharing.

 Blessed are those who crave righteousness

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Need some inspiration and encouragement, you will get just that with this read and a twist of wholesome humor too  Check it out! Thanks Paul Phillips for sharing this great read.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#Just say HELLO!

How wonderful it is to greet someone.  It's nice to be nice. This read will give fill you with gladness and make your heart smile.  Be encouraged!

#Just say HELLO!

Monday, April 18, 2016

“I’m Right Here”…….God.

Being silent before the Lord gives one divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  May we all take time out to hear God's voice as we sit still and know that the Lord is thy God.  Thanks Lori for sharing.

“I’m Right Here”…….God.


Paul Bane gives us graceful encouragement for today.  Peaceful and Serene is this beautiful read.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Even if the hawk kills

Beautiful and Graceful. This is Poetry at its finest!  Be blessed as you peruse this poem.  God Bless!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Three Wonderful Ways You Can Bless the Lord

Need some uplifting and encouragement, April Yamasaki graces us with the wonderful read.  Be Inspired!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Interview with Mr. Rodney Coe, Writer, Author, Blogger

Good morning Rodney, may I start out by asking,

What writing project are you working on now?

My second book, Make it Rain: Building a Faith God Blesses. It is Inspirational non-fiction and it has encouraging stories and studies the book of James.

Tell us about your published work?

I have over 200 articles published. My first novel was just released in March 2016. It is titled The Rise of the Prophet. A story of biblical miracles in a different land. The hero has the strength of Samson. It is the first of a trilogy.

Who or what inspires your writing?

Max Lucado. My non-fiction writing tries to be like his. I love encouraging Christians.

I’m just convinced that believers need up-lifting. We live in a discouraging, angry world and we are so divided.

Who or what encouraged you to write?

My sweet wife, Brenda. She saw how I talked and came alive in writing. She has always been an encourager to me.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Several years ago, but I didn’t know how. It has been a dream of mine, but it took finally focusing on learning the craft.

What experiences or education helped to prepare you?

I went back to school at 52 to complete a BA in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

I started writing some sports articles, but I really love books. That is where my heart is.

Do you see your writing as a gift or calling?

I think a calling. Gift may imply that I’m good at it. I think a calling is a desire to fulfill it and that’s what I believe it is.

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing?

Encourage others. I hope something I write inspires a marriage to stay strong, a husband to love his wife, or a pastor to stay faithful in the ministry.

But I would like to write a lot of books too!

Does anything ever discourage you from writing?

Negative people. For some reason more and more people attack each other on social media. You can write an encouraging blog post and someone will criticize you. I just don’t get it.

What do you most like to read?

Anything Max Lucado. I love reading inspirational books and stories.

Does the Bible influence your work as a writer?

Yes, most definitely. The bible has so many life lessons and great stories it is easy to use a verse and launch into something to write about.

In what ways do you hope your writing will help to unify or strengthen the church Body of Christ?

I want to encourage the church to seek revival. We need to be united now more than ever. Without revival, I fear the church and this nation will continue to decline.

Have you found the Internet helpful in reaching others for Christ?

Yes. We have so much information to get out very quickly now. A blogger can get their post to a wide audience today. Encouraging words can spread to thousands of people.

How can readers find your work online?

Do you use social networks to interact online with other Christian poets, writers, editors, or publishers?

Yes. They certainly are an exciting tool today.

What helpful suggestions or encouragement would you like to offer other Christian poets or writers?

Write what you love. I know that sounds simple, but no matter how long it takes, you will never be happy until that is what you are doing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Proverbs 16: The Lord Establishes You

Mike Mobley gives us a clear and concise depiction of Proverbs 16 in this article.  Thanks Mike, this will bless many that aspire to read!

Proverbs 16: The Lord Establishes You


Beautiful encouragement Marla Y. O'Neill  Thanks for sharing this open heart read. God bless you!


Psalm of Lament – for the doubter

As many of us have at one time or another have been faced with the challenge of doubt, I believe this post/poem will serve as wonderful encouragement for the Christian Poets and Writers and all believers as a whole.  Thanks Laura Spicer Martin for this lovely piece.

Psalm of Lament – for the doubter

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Importance of Resilience

Very encouraging and motivating read. Thanks Elaine Miller for sharing!

The Importance of Resilience

The Power of Encouragement!

Everyone needs encouragement.  There nothing more gratifying then having someone greet us with a morning hello, be our cheerleader and prayer partner when we are expecting a good report.  Or, having someone be there for us when we are facing adverse situations in our lives.

This read is packed with wonderful encouragement and inspiration.  Check it out!

The Power of Encouragement

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Avoiding Burnouts in the Work of Ministry

God has called us to be the "Salt of the Earth" preferring others above ourselves. Bringing light into a dark place. Building one another up in our Most Holy Faith. And, that we desire to do, tarrying until He returns.
However, as quite as it is kept, some grow weary in well doing. Continual sickness, shootings, hate crimes and many other factors have a way of hard pressing us from every side!
This read will give you inspiration and encouragement as we continue in the Faith, Ministering the Gospel even when we look for strength and hope for our own-selves.

Scripture on Salvation

Salvation is the Key Word in this read.  Not wanting any to perish, Mike Mobley gives glorious insight and highlights on scripture and what the Word of God has to say concerning or Faith in the Messiah, who Jesus was, why He came and what He died for.  Thanks Mike for this beautiful reminder!

Scripture on Salvation

Friday, March 25, 2016

Blessed are those who mourn

Wonderful encouragement and a beautiful depiction of God's Grace - the Sacrificial Lamb of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  What a mighty God we serve!  Thanks Mary for sharing.

Blessed are those who mourn

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Covenant One-a-Day

A graceful inform of God's Sacrificial Lamb.  Filled with encouragement and hope!  A highly recommended read.

New Covenant One-a-Day

Mary Magdalene

Harmonically seamless and a beautiful depiction of the life of Mary Magdelene. Thanks Robert for sharing.

Mary Magdalene

All The Promises of God

The read has beautiful character and it's very well written.  Thanks Dusty Rayburn for sharing this blessed encouragement!

All The Promises of God

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sanctuary of Rest

Wonderful encouragement to aspire to!

Sanctuary of Rest