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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Interview with inspirational writer and poet Shira Garnett

Shira, members of our Christian Poets & Writers group on Facebook see your name because you’re so faithful about nurturing their faith and writing. Thank you. And thanks for giving us a chance to find out more about you and your writing life.

I know you have a website with uplifting blog posts and writings, but what other projects are you working on now?

At present, my writings consist of inspirationals, poems, and an autobiography of my life experiences.

When did you first suspect you wanted to write?

When I was in the kindergarten, I would sit on the floor and listen as the teacher would read books for our “Reading Time.” During that period of my life, I was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain and abuse. My mind would drift into the stories being read. This was a coping mechanism for me.

Once I knew I was able to forget about my present situation by becoming one of the characters in the story, I vowed to speak out and encourage others. Writing affords me this opportunity. My writings give readers the ability to step into concepts of resolution, challenge, healing, and hope.

Did anything encourage your writing?

Growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s gave me the wonderful privilege of a wholesome era. Authors such as Judy Blume, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and the Holy Spirit, of course, have been the inspiration that set the tone of my passion for writing.

Shows that focused on characters who were writers in the script has been an encouragement as well. Richard Earl Thomas (John Boy) from the “Walton’s,” George Robert Newhart from the “Newhart Show,” Lauri Ingalls Wilder from “Little House on the Prairie” – each has been a major influence to me. Also, I must mention the “Hallmark” television station.

The media certainly does influence us! And, I thank God for the influence we can have on others through social networks. Where will we be apt to find you on the Internet?

I’m currently spread throughout the major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Tumblr, and Pinterest. My aim is to reach as many people and writing professionals as possible. Social Networks have afforded me to do so at the level I’m presently at in my writing career.

Do you see your writing as a gift or calling?

Gifting for me is something that’s cultivated by one’s motivation to fulfill Gods divine purpose, because I do believe God has graced me with gifts of compassion and fearlessness. Yes, writing is a gift granted me.

As for being called to write, my heart’s desire is to be obedient to God’s commission for believers to spread the message of love, hope, grace, and forgiveness of sins unto the world. This is a call for those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, so I embrace the commission of the call.

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing?

Many people suffer in silence. Speakers, Writers, Ministers, and people from all walks of life often mask real life issues. Because of this, I attempt to bring a serene and encouraging word, desiring to share a boost of simple reality to brighten one’s day.

Those who follow my readings are not always Christians or, for that matter, believers in God. With this knowledge in mind, I prayerfully ask God to give me seeds of wisdom to plant words that express His Undying Love for humanity and for someone else to water what has been planted. In this way God gets the increase. For believers, they’re able to appreciate the sincere milk, and for those who are not, I pray the Holy Spirit does what I can’t.

Amen! Thank you, Shira. Before we close, what would you like to say to other communicators for Christ?

This simple one-liner has carried me through ups, downs, and uncertainties, “Success starts with a great idea, a passion for what you believe in, and a desire to carry it out.”

If writing is what you do, do it! Everything else will fall into place, and remember to always stay encouraged.

Yes! And, may the Lord help us to receive God’s ongoing encouragement to us in Jesus’ Name.

© 2015, Mary Harwell Sayler, moderator of the Christian Poets & Writers group on Facebook, writes books in all genres for Christian, educational, and indie publishers.