Friday, January 13, 2017


Written by Christian Poet and Writer,
Sandra Hickman _________________________________________

     Feeling like she was in some kind of quagmire, the greenish-black slime of discontent stung like a nail being driven mercilessly though her heart.  Laying silently in the wake of her wounds.  What went wrong?  She had been watching... listening.  Everything around her was hectic, busy and alive.  Albeit at times it was writhing like a serpent.  But she was watching.....or so she thought.

     The attack came out of nowhere!  A king-hit from behind!  He had waited until she was caught off guard, vulnerable, unaware of his presence.  She didn't see that he was also watching!  She tried to speak but there was no audible sound. The only words resounding inside her head, belonged to him, her attacker.  Crushing her with his lies and condemnation!  She had felt the pressure around her neck, attempting to stifle and choke any words of defence and all words of prayer.  Her throat so hoarse, she was weary, without a voice.  She had failed to protect herself this time.  She had stopped watching... looked away for just a moment!

     Befuddled and dazed she stumbled.  She had stood for so long!  Now she was striving to regain her stance and to remain standing, no matter how many assaults... and there were many... He was relentless!  After being pushed down innumerable times, her war-wearied body sank low to it's bloodied-knees.  With arms grazed and legs bruised in the pushing and shoving, she had all but given up.  But she was determined and resolute!  Yes!  She would stand!  Stand against his evil wiles. "Get to your feet" was echoing strong!

     So, battered and bruised, THE BRIDE  OF CHRIST got off her knees, and carried on!  Standing tall like a warrior, tightening her armour as she gave all glory to God.  Rising strong from the battlefield!  Victorious feet planted firmly on the Rock of Truth.  Defeating the devil...


Ephesians 6:11 - NKJV .......  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to STAND against the wiles of the devil.

© 2016 - SLH

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