Saturday, November 26, 2016

Where The Saved Heart Lives...

Where The Saved Heart Lives...

In the heavenly places of my restored soul
Revering the presence of His holiness
Never fearing the presence of evil
For what has evil to do with me?
In the valley of the shadow of death
That's where the saved heart lives,
....because it's only a shadow

In the lyrics of a song ...
My spirit bows low
Worshipping in His glory
In the presence of my enemies
They can gain nothing!
In the I shall not want
In the greenest of pastures

In the whisper of a prayer
Beside the stillest waters
There is tranquillity of peace
Moving from agony to ecstasy
Along the paths of His righteousness
And for His name's sake, I will follow

In the secret place of love and healing
My magnificent rendezvous
With my Lord my Shepherd,
Like a lost and found lamb....
Clinging to the rod and the staff
In the deepest comfort of joy
I am safe

At the table prepared for me
In the sublime quality of His greatness
He shows my enemies that I am His
As my cup runs over and over
In the glow of the goodness
In the never ending mercy
His oil has anointed my head
As a majestic crown of love                                                                                                                                                       

Resting between His shoulders
In the perfect purple of His presence
Following me all the days of my life
Guiding my journey into His destination
Within the words of the psalmist
My God is always with me,
Yes always! .....
This is where the saved heart lives

Inspired by the 23rd Psalm
& Deuteronomy 33:12

© 2015/revised 2016 ><>  by Sandra L Hickman

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