Friday, October 28, 2016


Faith without works is dead. So writes James.  Some Christians are professional students. They never become productive members of the Body of Christ. They are forever learning and never doing. They cannot wait for the next speaker to ascend to the platform or receive the next teaching online. We do not have a cerebral faith but a practical one. The Apostle Paul said to the church that he did not come to them with persuasive words of man’s wisdom but in power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. We are to do the works of Jesus not just study them. How can we comfort the hurting if it hurts us to leave our comfort. The disciples hid in the upper room until they saw the Master and were filled with His Presence.

  There are those who have heard teaching all their lives but now need to be hid away in a room until they see the Master and are filled with His Presence to do the works that He commands. When was the last time that you allowed God to use you in healing the broken hearted and helping the down and out or maybe to love the lonely and care for the sick. Ministry is everywhere and at every turn. We can spend hours listening to teaching tapes but not have 5 minutes for our neighbor who is lost. The greatest testimony of a life lived for Jesus is for someone to say that he was a friend of God and a friend to man.

   Paul in writing to Titus told him to insist steadfastly to those who have believed in God to maintain good works so as to meet necessary demands whenever the occasion may require and not be living idle and unfruitful lives. This is a saying that has been over commercialized but still very true in confronting our soul when opportunity arises to do good. The saying is what would Jesus do, WWJD. As Jesus said it is more blessed to give of yourself than to receive from others. For it is only then that you allow the power and presence of God to intervene in the lives of those around you and do the works of Him who sent you. As you daily leave your home may you also leave your comfort zone. There are people out there who need you and your voice of compassion, your touch of healing and your warmth of friendship. Have a good day at work!


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