Friday, June 3, 2016

Interview with Beckie Lindsey, of the Christian Poets and Writer Group.

Mrs. Beckie Lindsey, gives us a authentic and inspiring look at her "Write Life".  Keeping the main thing, the main thing, Beckie is diligently working the gifts and talents that God has given her. This beautiful lady, has certainly chosen to expand the aptness of writing, oeuvre.

Beckie, is currently working on several writing projects that have very promising success for the future.  She begins this interview by explaining some of these compositions.

 What writing project are you working on now?

 I just finished co-writing a Bible study on the book of 2 Timothy called Legacy. One of the co-authors, Patty Schell (also a member of our FB page) and I just returned from The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference where we met with an acquisitions editor. 

We are hopeful to see the Legacy study published. At this point, over 60 women have done the study with positive feedback. Prayers for publication are welcomed!

I have also finished the first draft of a YA novel called Beauties From Ashes. “Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find—but the demons already have.” I’ll be doing edits and rewrites for the next few months on this project.

Tell us about your published work.

 My published work has been my freelance writing for children’s magazines, websites and my local newspaper. You can see a few samples on my LinkedIn.

Who or what inspires your writing? 

Everything in God’s creation inspires me to write.  I also love to read and watch movies which inspires my writing.

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing?

My writing is God inspired. It is my goal to bring Him glory in whatever I write, whether directly or indirectly. I am passionate about Bible study as the key to knowing God intimately   His word is alive bringing healing and transformation to all who are willing to engage.

Does anything ever discourage you from writing?

I’ve wrestled with depression since I was a teen. It can creep up on me like a storm cloud and threaten with all sorts of negative thoughts. 

A big issue for me is comparing my writing with others and feeling I fall short. I’ve come to realize that comparison is a stumbling block to many writers.
God is teaching me to compare myself to His standards alone and to trust the call He has for me. 

Do you use social networks to interact online with other Christian poets, writers, editors, or publishers?

This is the predominate way I encourage other writers as well as receive encouragement and writing tips. Our Facebook page is an example of a network of writers who spur one another on. 

I have also used social media to learn about and attain writing opportunities for magazines, websites and contests.

What helpful suggestions or encouragement would you like to offer other Christian poets or writers? 

Writing can be an isolated and lonely vocation. As writers, we need solitude to produce our work, however, we need interaction with the world in order to fodder our gift.

Here are a few things that help me:  Spend daily time with God, writer’s groups (in person and online) critique groups, go outside everyday if possible, make a writing schedule and stick to it, take a Sabbath day once a week, limit social media time to 30-45 minutes daily, take classes, go to conferences, enter contests, and read, read, read, read. 

I'm very sure many of us writers can identify with, the comparison of others, Beckie. You have certainly given Christian Poets and Writer some very helpful and encouraging advice to stay the course. 

So very good to know that you have connected with other members of the group to bring about a connection of faithfulness and unity, concerning writing and publishing. 

May the Lord continue to bless the works of your hands and most importantly, the encouragement that you give to the Body of Christ.  

For more information and how you can connect with, Beckie.

Blogs and books:

Twitter: @lindseybeckie 


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