Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jesus prays for Christian poets and writers

The Daily Bible Readings accepted by most denominations often include Bible prayers that I prayer-a-phrase for the blog, Bible Prayers, Poems, and Promises. Today, however, two prayers arose in the readings: one from Daniel, which, Lord willing, will go into the above blog, and one from the Gospel of John, which speaks for us as Christian Poets and Writers.

In His lasting prayers on earth, Jesus prayed for us, His followers, asking God to be in our words and in those who believe because of our words. So I encourage you to read the whole chapter and, indeed, all of the “High Priestly Prayers” Jesus prayed between the Last Supper and the Cross.

May Jesus' prayers help us to love our readers and one another and empower us to write in Jesus' Name.

Father, My prayer is not only for those who follow Me
(and speak for Me and write for Me.)
I pray also for all who believe in Me because of their words.

May they all be one.
Just as You are in Me and I in You, may they be one in Us,
and may (their readers) also believe that You have sent Me.

I have given them the glory You gave Me –
the spirit of wonder that comes to them as one –
I in them and You in Me,
so, united, they can show the world,
who will then know
by their words
that You sent Me to love them
as You love Me.

Father, I want everyone You have given Me to be with Me
(in truth, in spirit, in heavenly places, in love) –
wherever I Am
and to see
all You have given Me – the glory of Your love given
before the world began!

Righteous Father, the unrighteous people of the world
do not know You,
but I know You, and My followers surely know
that You have sent Me.

I have made You known to them,
and I will keep on making You known to them,
so that the love You have for Me may be
in their work and words
as also You are and
I Am.

© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of today’s Gospel reading in John 17:20-26


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